Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum Equity Initiative:
Foster Park utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten and Balanced Literacy along with Common Core State Standards and the Network 11 Scope and Sequence.  

For mathematics, our school uses the Go Math! curriculum along with Common Core State Standards and the Network 11 Scope and Sequence. 

High Quality Rigorous Instruction:
Our staff utilizes evidence-based literacy practices to facilitate students understanding of both, literacy texts and informational texts. We promote problem solving to facilitate comprehension and mastery in mathematics. Our staff applies the productive struggle method during instruction to build authentic engagement.

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy:
We have a major emphasis on culturally sustaining pedagogy, curriculum design and ambitious instruction which provides our students with a space to improve student to student academic conversations. Moreover, we seek to improve the quality of student discourse based on learning in every classroom.  

Social and Emotional Learning:
In addition, our staff understands the importance of integrating social and emotional competencies and the role it plays in the learning process.

College & Career Bound Focus:
Through collaborative efforts between teachers and counselors, our middle school students are exposed to secondary education through college campus visits and career pathways via resource fairs and various interventions.