Counselor's Corner
Our Counselor, Ms. Harper, is committed to addressing the comprehensive needs of each individual student at Foster Park. Through facilitating important decision-making and goal-setting skills, she supports each student by developing a realistic plan for grade transition and beyond. As the counselor, her role is to problem solve with all parties involved, and to help develop a positive solution for student success. This school year, our school counselor hosts:
  • Naviance activities
  • Weekly Advisory periods
  • The Behavioral Health Team
  • Weekly team meetings with students
  • Monthly walk-in parent appointments
  • Peace Circles
Our new initiatives improve Foster Park’s organizational structure to continuously promote purposeful learning and meaningful relationships among students, staff and administrators. However, we need to collaborate with you! Our school is working to cultivate relationships with families that go beyond compliance, pleasantries, and platitudes to display our genuine care and ability to advocate for your child’s academic, social and emotional needs.