Families as Partners
***Important - If you are aware of families who cannot afford internet access, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)  has posted free internet access opportunities to support school learning during the closures from AT&T, Spectrum, and Comcast at www.isbe.net/keeplearning under "free internet access resources." 

There are a number of ways you as the family can positively partner with Foster Park staff:
  • Make sure your child is present every day
  • Use the Parent Portal tool to monitor and keep up with your child’s progress (weekly) and to communicate with teachers about strategies to help your child improve academically
  • Read with and/or encourage your students to read daily; review homework and fundamental math skills
  • Extend your child’s learning experiences by taking student to museums, zoos and other cultural places of interest
  • Talk to your student(s) about his/her favorite aspects of school
The entire Foster Park School staff will be engaging students in conversations around having a growth mindset. We believe that every person in this building should always be growing and learning. Despite obstacles that may arise, we must always believe in our ability to rise above challenges and come out stronger on the other end. Working together with families is the best way to ensure our student’s growth mindset and academic success.

Please take the time to review our Parent-Student Handbook!  You will find important dates and policies for a successful school year.